AGM Minutes - 15 July 2013

Attendees: Dan W, Eve R, Kristian G, James R, Ali H, Tom W, Guy H, Nick B, Mark N, Chris B, Jon W, Phil G, and Jacob L.


The club elected officials to maintain the running of the club for the next year. The positions were selected by nomination and then majority vote. Positions till the 2014 AGM will be:
Chairman: Dan Weale
Vice Chair: Colin Payne
Treasurer: Kristian Gill
PR/web: Nick Barnes


An annual £5.00 membership fee was agreed upon by majority vote. This fee is to be used to build club funds to be used on new equipment such as new goals. Membership of club will allow person to vote on matters at AGM and EGM meetings.

Club Nights

As previously discussed official club nights are to be Tuesday and Fridays 6pm till 9pm. Members found to be using the court at any other time or during a cancelled session will be responsible for paying the £15 hire fee and face disciplinary action outlined in club constitution. Sessions will be confirmed via the Facebook page by 3pm on the given day. A minimum 4 players is required for the session to run.


Subs will increase to a flat rate of £3 regardless of numbers. This raise will boost club funds and will be reviewed 1 month after the initial raise. Goals As new goals are required pricings on metal are to be found. Initial membership fees would pay for these. Storage As Riverside youth centre will allow club storage some form of storage will be sourced to store back/corner boards as well as club loaner equipment. – Jon to price up 10ft shipping container.

Club Equipment

  • i. Club equipment such as loaner mallets and bikes to be collected and stored on site once adequate storage is obtained.
  • ii. New boarding to be build
  • iii. All members to be responsible for the set up and packing down of club night equipment